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"Wax & Tool Kit" -  Chalkworthy Antiquing Paint
Price: $57.95

Chalkworthy™ Antiquing Paint  +  Wax & Tool Kit =  DIY made easy!

Wax & Tool Kit Includes:

1 lb.  Chalkworthy™ Clear Soft Wax

#150 Fine Grit Sanding Pad

Chalkworthy™ Painting Brush

Chalkworthy™ Waxing Brush

Stir Stick


*** Kit does NOT include Chalkworthy™ Antiquing Paint, so be sure to add your unique color choice to complete your projects requirements.***


How Much Antiquing Paint Will Your Project Require?

Small Projects - 18 sq. ft. or less = 4 FL. Oz. Can

Medium Projects - 75 sq. ft. = 16 FL. Oz. Can

Large Projects - 150 sq. ft. = 32 FL. Oz. Can

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